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About Pernink

Pernink (German Bärringen ) is located in the district of Karlovy Vary, about 13 km northwest of the Ostrov. There live around 650 inhabitants.

According to legend, dug at the site of today Pernink bear ore. Hence the original name Bärringen and urban character with mining tools and a bear. The second version of how the village got its name is apparently derived from the first settler named Bar.

Pernink was founded in about 1532 probably as a city, or was shortly thereafter promoted - 19th November 1532, according to historical seals, promoted Henry Slik village called Peringer the upper city. After two centuries, the city could enjoy enormous wealth of ore , especially tin and silver. In the 18th century, however, local willy-nilly had to reorient the craft as mining would no longer be sustained. In most municipalities undertook the Ore Mountains especially lace and glove. Rarity of Pernink were trainers and vendors of songbirds who taught bullfinches and canaries sing popular songs Czech.

The historical monument is the Church of the Holy Trinity. The pride of the city but unique stone viaduct, which is located just outside the station. Railway station in Pernink, with its elevation of 902 meters above sea level, is the second highest in the Czech Republic and the construction of the railway from Carlsbad up into Potucky in 1899 was an extremely challenging task. View of that stone masterpiece will take your breath away. The viaduct has 6 arches and the highest point is about 20 meters.

Currently Pernink, especially due to its location, becomes important mountain holiday resort for winter and summer sports. There are three ski resorts in the village suitable for families with the smallest skiers. There are beautiful cross country tracks. Perninks popularity as destinations for summer recreation is growing thanks to recently emerging nordic walking and cycling. Added every year new bike paths in the beautiful Ore Mountains.

There is also a cinema, a soccer field, community center (sports hall), post office, police, primary school, Tourist Information Centre .